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Welcome to Pittie Lifeline

Pittie Lifeline is a devoted animal rescue initiative located in the scenic region of San Luis Obispo on California’s Central Coast. While not an independent incorporated entity, Pittie Lifeline operates as a fiscally sponsored project under the umbrella of Chappy & Friends, a registered nonprofit organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This sponsorship enables Pittie Lifeline to carry out its noble mission with the financial oversight and nonprofit status conferred by its parent organization, Chappy & Friends.

The mission of Pittie Lifeline is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome pit bull breeds that are on the brink of euthanasia in shelters due to the unfortunate circumstance of having been housed there for extended periods. These dogs, often victims of overpopulation and breed-specific biases, are given a much-needed second chance by this compassionate rescue to find their way into loving forever homes where they can thrive and demonstrate their loyalty and affectionate nature.
As a foster-based, all-volunteer rescue, Pittie Lifeline relies on the generosity and commitment of its foster network. These invaluable volunteers provide temporary homes for the dogs, nurturing them back to health, socializing them, and preparing them for a smooth transition into their eventual adoptive homes. The foster care system not only allows for personalized attention to each dog’s needs but also helps to alleviate the pressure on local shelters, creating space and resources to help other animals.
The volunteers of Pittie Lifeline are the backbone of the organization, contributing their time and expertise in various capacities. They engage in activities such as rescuing dogs from shelters, organizing foster and adoption arrangements, providing training and behavioral support, performing home checks for potential adopters, and facilitating community outreach and education. By advocating for pit bull breeds, the rescue challenges prevalent misconceptions and demonstrates the dogs’ capacity for companionship, loyalty, and integration into various family settings.
Pittie Lifeline also promotes the importance of spaying and neutering to control the pet population and reduce the number of animals at risk in shelters. Through community education efforts, they aim to improve the perception of pit bull breeds, emphasizing their need for love and stability.
The partnership with Chappy & Friends allows Pittie Lifeline to utilize tax-exempt donations to fund their operations, including medical care, food, supplies, and training for the dogs under their care. This financial assistance is crucial in ensuring that the rescue can continue its lifesaving work.
Adopting from Pittie Lifeline is a carefully curated process. The organization conducts a thorough screening to ensure that their dogs are placed in the most compatible homes, taking into account the needs of both the dogs and the prospective adopters. This careful placement strategy helps to foster long-term bonds between the dogs and their new families.
By aligning with Chappy & Friends, Pittie Lifeline benefits from the established reputation and administrative support of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, while maintaining its focused mission to rescue and advocate for pit bull breeds. Together, they work towards a future where every pit bull has the chance to live a life full of love, safety, and happiness.

We do not take owner-surrender dogs. ​We only rescue dogs from shelters that are about to be euthanized.

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