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Welcome to MLB Creations

Your one-stop shop for all things celestial! Explore our curated collection of zodiac mugs, mesmerizing zodiac posters, and enchanting moon-related products.

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Welcome to MLB Creation Canada

At MLBCreations, we believe in the power of the stars to ignite imagination and inspire creativity. Our journey began with a fascination for the celestial realm and a desire to share its beauty with the world.


MLB Creations was born from a journey of transformation. After retiring from a fulfilling career in healthcare at the age of 45, I embarked on a new adventure in the world of e-commerce. I'm the founder and designer behind MLB Creations.

As a mother to four children and two beloved cats, my life has always been a whirlwind of love and chaos. But amidst the busyness of family life, I found solace in the serene beauty of the cosmos. My fascination with all things moon and zodiac grew, igniting a spark of inspiration that would soon become MLB Creations.

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